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Exit Games by Kosmos

 In EXIT, players are trying to solve a series of puzzles and open the “locked door” of the room they are in, all as quickly as possible. While each game of EXIT has its own theme (currently Abandoned Cabin, Secret Lab, and Pharaoh’s Tomb), the goal remains the same. Start the timer and use the clues at your disposal to solve a series of puzzles to ultimately escape. 

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How to Play:

The basic game play of EXIT is fairly simple. You start off with a rulebook, a decoder ring, and a few piles of cards (as noted above). Usually you will have access to one or more puzzle cards at the start of the game. Each puzzle will require some deduction, observation, or clever thinking to solve.

Once you think you have an answer for a puzzle card, you input the solution into the decoder wheel. This will direct you to a specific answer card. If the card shows a big red ”X”, you’ve guessed wrong and will have to rethink your solution. If the answer card leads you to a correct guess card, you will be given addition puzzles to solve.

Should you get stuck, every puzzle has a series of clue cards. These start out generic and eventually will reveal the exact solution. As you work your way through the puzzles, ultimately you’ll open the final “lock” in the game and make your way out of the room. Your final score will be based on how long you took and how many clues you used.


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